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Bridge: Might 13, 2022

North’s bid of four clubs was a “splinter,” displaying a significant spade healthy, club shortness and slam fascination. The idea was to permit South decide how very well the partnership hands meshed.

If South had held a hand with no squandered club honors — A Q 6 5 2, A 5 2, 5 4, 9 8 6 — he would have been encouraged. With his actual hand, South signed off at 4 spades.

West led the queen of hearts, successful, and ongoing hearts.

Declarer ruffed the 3rd coronary heart and led a trump. When West performed the ten, South cogitated and, for motives unidentified, set up dummy’s king. A next trump dropped the queen and ace alongside one another, and South claimed the relaxation, producing four.

As well Higher

“Splinter bids” are valuable, but even four spades may well have been much too large here. When South qualified prospects a trump at Trick Four, West just can’t get by playing very low if South has the queen, the protection can get only a person trump trick.

West ought to rise with his ace and guide a fourth coronary heart.

Whichever South does, East will score his queen of trumps for down a single.

Each day Dilemma

You maintain: S 9 8 6 5 2 H 5 2 D Q 5 C K Q 10 9. Your partner opens a person heart, you reply a person spade, he bids two diamonds and you return to two hearts. Companion then bids two spades. What do you say?

Respond to: Lover has a potent hand, likely with 3-5-4-1 shape regardless of your weak two-heart desire, he bid again to consider for game. If you held K 10 6 5 3, K 4, Q 5, 7 6 5 4, you could bid four spades. With your actual hand, your club honors are fairly wasted. Go.

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North supplier

N-S vulnerable


S K J 7 4

H K 9 4

D A K J 8 3



S A 10

H Q J 10 6 3

D 10 7 6 2

C 7 4


S Q 3

H A 8 7

D 9 4

C J 8 6 5 3 2


S 9 8 6 5 2

H 5 2

D Q 5

C K Q 10 9

North East South West
1 D Pass 1 S Go
4 C Go 4 S All Move

Opening direct — H Q

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