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Bridge: Sept. 19, 2022

To start out the 7 days, take a look at your defense. Address the West and South playing cards, and try out to defeat four spades as East. West sales opportunities the deuce of clubs, dummy performs very low and your jack wins. What future?

When I viewed the deal, East continued with the ace of golf equipment. South ruffed and led the king of trumps, and East gained and exited passively with his last trump. Declarer gained in dummy and led a coronary heart: 8, jack, queen. When West shifted to a diamond, South won in dummy and led a 2nd coronary heart. East’s king appeared, and declarer claimed.

Greatest Chance

South really should have been defeated. East simply cannot hope for a 2nd club trick, and the protection is not likely to get a diamond. (If West had the K-Q, his opening lead could possibly have been a superior diamond.) East ought to shift to the king of hearts at Trick Two a very low heart will not do.

If South will take the ace, East qualified prospects a next heart when he takes the ace of trumps and will get a coronary heart ruff. Nor can South succeed by ducking the king of hearts.

Did you defeat four spades?

Day by day Query

You maintain: S A 7 H K 8 D 8 7 4 C A J 10 9 8 3. You open one club, your lover bids one diamond and the future player overcalls a single heart. What do you say?

Answer: The plan that a “free bid” reveals sizeable further power has been deserted by most industry experts. Nevertheless you have only 12 large-card details — a minimum amount — rebid two clubs. It’s significant to display your prolonged accommodate. It may perhaps be a auto for competition if the auction indeed turns aggressive.

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East vendor

N-S susceptible


S J 9 6 2

H 7 5 4 3 2


C Q 4


S 5 4

H Q 9 6

D 10 9 5 3

C K 6 5 2


S A 7

H K 8

D 8 7 4

C A J 10 9 8 3


S K Q 10 8 3

H A J 10

D K Q 6 2

C 7

East South West North
1 C 1 S 2 C 2 S
Move 4 S All Move
Opening direct — C 2

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