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Bridge: Sept. 23, 2022

A undesirable behavior is like a huge, plush sofa: quick to slide into, more difficult to get out of. Much too quite a few players have the practice of plunging forward in advance of giving the engage in thanks consideration.

In today’s offer, West led the five of hearts in opposition to 3NT, and two seconds soon after declarer noticed dummy, he called for the queen. East took the king and returned a coronary heart to the ace. South then enable the 8 of clubs trip, but West gained and cashed the J-10 and his very last coronary heart. Down a single.


South desired to do something about his patterns. He is at danger only if West has five hearts additionally an entry. But if West held K-J-10-5-3, he surely would lead the jack, the top card in his partial sequence. So if West experienced five hearts, East had at least 1 honor.

South will have to put up dummy’s ace on the first heart, then finesse in clubs. As the playing cards lie, he will make the agreement. But if West experienced led a heart from K-10-6-5-3, South would continue to be protected the hearts would be blocked, and the defense could get at most four tricks.

Day by day Question

You maintain: S K 6 4 3 2 H A Q D 9 8 4 C Q 8 7. Your associate opens a person heart, you react one spade and he rebids two hearts. What do you say?

Answer: This circumstance is uneasy. Your partner guarantees 6 or much more hearts he would never be compelled to rebid a 5-card coronary heart go well with in this article. In theory, you have ample strength to invite match, but your hand is complete of losers. Elevate to 3 hearts if your aspect is vulnerable. If not, I would accept both a elevate or a timid go.

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South supplier

N-S vulnerable


S K 6 4 3 2


D 9 8 4

C Q 8 7


S J 9 5

H J 10 6 5 3

D J 7 3

C K 3


S Q 10 8

H K 8

D Q 10 6 5 2

C 6 4 2


S A 7

H 9 7 4 2


C A J 10 9 5

South West North East
1 NT Move 2 H Pass
2 S Move 3 NT All Pass
Opening lead — H 5

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