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Dear Abby: I assume she’s flirting with me, but I’m not absolutely sure what to do about it

Dear ABBY: I’ve read your column for years, regularly taking advice you provide to other individuals and making use of it to my situation.

I have made a mutual bond with a lady who is 30 — 28 years younger than myself. She’s a waitress at a diner I regular.

I’ve viewed her kids develop about the earlier 6 or seven many years. We have had quite a few meaningful discussions and shared our highs and lows. She’s normally friendly.

Three or four several years in the past, she began sharing everyday facet hugs when I arrived. I never question for them. About the very last yr, these hugs have become extra intimate — not in a sexual way, just a deeper bond of friendship. We occasionally IM when she’s off function, but I really don’t see her socially.

Lately she has been teasing that she’ll be my next ex. I reciprocate the flirting and teasing. I consider there is a mutual attraction. If not for the age difference, which I’m Alright with, or the panic of leading to difficulties with our friendship, I’d ask her out.

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