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Dear Abby: I wrote a letter to the classmates who bullied me, but I never ever supposed to send out it

Pricey ABBY: I gained a Fb invitation to my 35th high school reunion.

I was bullied regularly in every single grade. I experienced no good friends in my class, and the reminiscences I have are not pleasant.

I composed a letter expressing the hope that the attendees get pleasure from reminiscing, and then additional that I have no desire to see any of them once more. In the letter, I named out by title a number of previous classmates with particulars on their bullying and cruel treatment method. I instructed those who have been the “nice kids” I felt invisible and like a nonentity.

I finished the letter saying that I have a great life, and as an grownup a person would consider the previous would be the previous, but that invitation brought on all the rejection and ache, which had lasted for a long time.

I wrote that if any of them are moms and dads, I hope they taught their kids and grandkids to do better. Bullying has extensive-long lasting outcomes, and that discomfort by no means seriously goes away.

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