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Editorial: Shameful hits towards Johnny Khamis are unwarranted

Two campaign mailers despatched to Santa Clara County inhabitants final week incorporate uncalled for assaults on previous San Jose Metropolis Councilman Johnny Khamis, who is jogging for the District 1 seat on the Board of Supervisors.

The strike parts had been funded by the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council COPE and Company Staff members Intercontinental Union, which have a deserved name for dirty election politics, utilizing misleading statements and outright falsehoods to check out to sway voters. Applying misinformation and disinformation to realize political objectives is shameful.

The initial mailer carries a large headline boasting that Khamis’ management “makes you ill,” implying that as a councilman he took action to distribute COVID-19 in San Jose. The mailer features an unflattering image of Khamis surrounded by a lot more than 50 COVID visuals and claims that “In the middle of COVID, lifelong Republican Johnny Khamis explained to organizations they must ‘shut down’ to prevent paying out unwell leave to critical workers.”

It’s littered with lies: Khamis didn’t assist distribute the virus, he didn’t motivate businesses to shut down and he is not a Republican.

The reality is that, as a councilman, on March 24, 2020, Khamis initially opposed a proposed emergency compensated ill go away plan that would give excess defense for any vital staff in the city who was however functioning and likely impacted by the coronavirus crisis. His objection was that it didn’t include an exemption for tiny enterprises with much less than 50 staff. What he really stated was, “After this regulation, we may possibly not have any (little corporations downtown) since it would be much easier to not comply with this and shut down since they’re not making that a lot cash in any case.”

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Then on April 7, 2020, Khamis was component of a unanimous council vote to approve the emergency compensated unwell leave plan without the need of the exemption for smaller organizations that he had sought.

As for the assert that Khamis is a lifelong Republican, which labor teams doubled down on in the second mailing: Khamis was a registered Democrat from age 18-29. He then turned a registered Republican right until he was 50. Four years in the past, disgusted by Republicans’ therapy of immigrants, he registered with no celebration preference.

Honest criticisms of campaigns and candidates are expected and satisfactory. But neither of these labor strike items is honest or exact. Voters really should ignore them.

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