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Expensive Abby: My mates say I will need to go away my spouse. How could I have been so mistaken?

Expensive ABBY: My spouse died two a long time in the past. I satisfied a girl shortly afterward. We dated for a year, shared the exact hobbies and ended up very personal. We were being inseparable.

Now, after a 12 months of relationship, we really don’t do just about anything with each other, and she has set on 30 kilos. Her a few ladies, who I was led to imagine had been impartial at ages 20, 22 and 24, are actually supported in part by her. Her 15-calendar year-old son lives with us and just stays in his home enjoying on his laptop or computer. He will get foods delivered and does no chores.

I make $250K a yr. She works and earns about $50K, and I give her an allowance to enable spend for her son’s personal university and whichever else she would like.

It is obvious that I’m not No. 1 in her lifestyle. Since she just returned from a ladies weekend (that I funded), I may perhaps not even be No. 2. Also, if I arrive near her cellphone, she goes ridiculous.

My friends say I should really run, that she’s a gold digger who took advantage of me. I just cannot believe that I was so wrong, and I’m always offering her “one additional prospect.”

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