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Expensive Abby: My moody boyfriend claims that’s just the way he is. Must I set up with it?

Expensive ABBY: My boyfriend, “Kirk,” and I have been relationship solely for practically two a long time and are living collectively. We fulfilled through the pandemic, so for the 1st calendar year or so, we primarily hung out — just the two of us.

Due to the fact the globe has opened back again up, I have been encountering some complications now that we’re ready to socialize with some others.

Kirk typically results in being silent and moody when we are around my friends. He’ll usually go away early and abruptly without having stating a proper goodbye. I come across it amazingly rude. We have talked about it a selection of occasions, but it proceeds. Kirk never ever acts this way all-around his have good friends or relatives.

He also in some cases turns into terse, irritable and depressed when it is just the two of us, generally in advance of or in the course of an outing. Since of this, a amount of promising day evenings have ended badly.

As his conduct proceeds, it makes me a lot more and more indignant.  Kirk says this is just the way he is and he cannot be happy all the time.

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