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Expensive Abby: Should really I give my wife additional time with her ‘just friends’ buddy?

Pricey ABBY: My wife and I married as teenagers 40 several years back. Our youngsters are grownups, and most persons contemplate us a ideal couple.

My wife has experienced numerous affairs above the years, some she has admitted to and others I have stumbled across. For the most component, they have been bodily only, with no psychological attachment.

Twenty years in the past she experienced a passionate affair with a younger guy. It finished when he broke it off to be with another person else. I didn’t know about it at the time.

A calendar year ago, she uncovered out he’s one again and invited him again into her everyday living. Now, she’s overtly looking at him. She’s telling me they are “just friends” and she “needs his company because only he understands her.” I consider if he experienced a improved job and money outlook, she would depart me in a moment.

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