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Harriette Cole: Her hair is so undesirable, and she’s pretending it is genuine

Expensive HARRIETTE: My mate bought a hair weave, and it looks a very hot mess.

Severely, the hair is a awful texture that appears bogus, and the search is absolutely unrealistic. The hair goes halfway down her again. Past month, she was sporting a carefully cropped purely natural.

It may possibly be good if she acted like it’s a wig, but she is pretending like the glance is regular, like the hair just grew straight out of her head.

I’m not absolutely sure how I ought to respond to her. The weave is so clear. If she just admitted she was obtaining enjoyable and taking part in with hair, it may well be a lot easier to acknowledge. Correct now, it just seems like a bad idea.

Can I say anything to her?

Bad Hair

Expensive Negative HAIR: What variation does it genuinely make if she is possessing a negative hair instant? Except if it is affecting her livelihood in some way, just permit her be.

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