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Harriette Cole: My new co-employee is the lady who once fired me, and I still resent her

Expensive HARRIETTE: Years in the past, I worked as a teacher at a modest personal school. The college was so tiny that some of the supervisors have been instructors themselves.

I was fired abruptly one particular day by a supervisor who didn’t see my benefit. This was certainly crushing at the time, but I have given that identified a new university where I feel valued and appreciated by the team.

To my shock, the similar supervisor that enable me go from my former position was a short while ago employed by my present-day faculty to get the job done at the exact same degree as me.

Each and every time I see her, I imagine about the cruel way that she fired me. How do I get over the resentment I even now have towards this person?


Pricey GRUDGES: Recall your worth now. Do your position. Be cordial with her, but do not go out of your way to be friendly.

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