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Harriette Cole: The trainee has been telling everyone I flirted with him

Pricey HARRIETTE: I was supplied the undertaking of teaching a new employee at function. I’ve trained quite a few staff before. I realize the relevance of becoming gracious and sort to new staff, as it is uncomplicated to turn into intimidated by a new career, so I go out of my way to be super variety to rookies.

I discovered out a few days back that the trainee has been telling all of my colleagues that I was flirting with him the whole time I experienced him!

I am not certain if he was puzzled by my kindness or if he just determined to tell a blatant lie, but my emotions are hurt by the accusation. What must I do?

Lying Trainee

Pricey LYING TRAINEE: You want to acquire motion to shield your self. Discuss to HR instantly and allow them know what is heading on.

Describe how you experienced this man or woman and the suggestions that you are having from colleagues. Question for advice on how to handle this circumstance.

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