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Harriette Cole: Why would my teen feel it is Okay to overlook me in general public?

Pricey HARRIETTE: I went to college or university orientation with my son, and he ran into a few college students from his high university. He straight away started to chat to them, and at the similar time, he fully dismissed me. He did not introduce me to them or everything.

When I requested him out of their earshot to introduce me, he explained to me it felt awkward for the reason that he knew the identify of only one of the students. I explained to him that he could determine out a way all-around that by just stating that I am his mom and stating my name, and possibly including that he went to substantial faculty with these pupils — but indicating very little at all was impolite.

He appeared flabbergasted by it. I’m dumbfounded now.

I have been training him manners his full lifestyle. How could he imagine that it’s Okay to disregard his mom when I’m standing appropriate future to him? How do I solution this?

Dissed Mother

Expensive DISSED Mother: Use this as an option to train your son how to take care of not comfortable cases — like when you are striving to socialize but you don’t keep in mind somebody’s identify.

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