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Conservative imagined
is rooted in  religion

That lifestyle begins at conception of a zygote with a human soul is a religious belief, not scientific, but is the purpose a lady in Texas who aborted was just lately billed with murder. The demand was later dropped, I suspect, due to the fact no jury could be persuaded that a zygote or even a fetus is a human being with a soul.

The gargantuan elephant in the space is that Christianity and even pseudo-Christianity are the basis of quite a few conservative beliefs. That’s fantastic until it tramples on the the vast majority beliefs of the relaxation of us. Why is “separation of church and state” currently being disregarded, especially by governments and the Supreme Court, concerning abortion?

I recognize this is a delicate difficulty, but that is the extremely purpose it should be brazenly and loudly reviewed. I am reminded of the 1926 Scopes demo about the teaching of evolution

Rey Gonzalez
San Jose

Particular views as a substitute
of legislation are driving Courtroom

In the June 26 edition of the Mercury Information, Marc Theissen claimed Donald Trump is responsible for the Roe v. Wade verdict because he appointed 3 conservative judges (“Give Trump credit history for overturning of Roe v. Wade ruling,” Web page A13, June 26). He talked about other Republicans who appointed conservative judges that “turned” absent from that.

A single wonders why judges are earning choices and verdicts based on their particular conservative or liberal viewpoints, and why choices are not staying decided by the rule of law and precedent.

Jean Leonard
San Jose

Faith has also a lot
sway about lifestyle in U.S.

The steps of the significantly-proper in The usa raise an essential query: Why does unscientific, irrational, unproven faith have so considerably authorized safety in our 21st-century modern society?

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Spirituality on an particular person stage is critical, but every single organized faith is clearly produced by mortal human beings to command other mortal human beings, and all of us can superior link with mother nature and guy outdoors the partitions of churches alternatively of in them. Church buildings are breeding grounds for excessive ideologies that get foisted on a wider modern society that is at the very least a century more socially advanced. Church buildings are holding our society back again and have been for a prolonged time. The overturning of Roe displays church buildings have way far too a great deal authority in present day society, presented there is no evidence of a God or afterlife in any way.

Faith has repeatedly failed its obligation to broader modern society. Time to choose absent their legal protections.

Mathew Clark

Oil firms’ motives are
in fact suspicious

Re: “Suits obstacle 2 refineries’ switch to biofuels,” Website page A1, June 15:

The strategy of using waste to generate gasoline has been about for lots of several years as has the technologies. Had we commenced the changeover to renewables by making use of these “bridge” fuels a 10 years back maybe we would not be in the placement we are in now in which we will need to slice emissions and just take greenhouse gases out of the environment to restrict warming to even 2 levels Celsius (3.6 levels Fahrenheit).

The idea has merit only if precise squander products are employed and only for a constrained time. The threat is that the refineries will want to recoup their expense and earnings by extending the everyday living of this “transition” and working with crops from land that can be used for food items crops.

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Frankly, I do not trust their motives. I would like to see a value-advantage examination of investing in this technological innovation in comparison to financial investment in renewables and EVs.

Anthony Strawa
San Jose

Kapler’s actions are
a betrayal of nation

Re. “Kapler sits out national anthem in protest of ‘state of this nation,’” Web page C1, May well 28:

Eighty yrs in the past I served as a Maritime in the struggle for Guadalcanal. Thousands of Marines, sailors and soldiers have been killed in the course of the 6 months of fighting it took to secure the island.

Speaking for all of them, I say that Gabe Kapler’s disrespectful steps towards the flag they served are inexcusable.

Richard Klokow

Republicans don’t know
disgrace in hypocrisy

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