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Wise h2o meters
are not new engineering

Re. “‘Smart’ drinking water meters coming,” Web site A1, June 16:

Major whoop. Morgan Hill has had “smart” h2o meters for several years. I 1st noticed that a lot of meters experienced a new “puck” formed attachment on the lids. I opened mine and saw there were also wires attached to the meter. Then, I observed town staff strolling the neighborhoods with (what appeared like) steel detectors, apart from they ended up only scanning the leading of the meter boxes.

Now, they are related by way of WiFi and I get phone phone calls and email messages from the city whenever my house commences utilizing abnormal quantities of drinking water. This portion is genuinely good.

In the earlier, when I have experienced irrigation pipes burst (rats routinely consume the plastic), the neighbor would have to come more than to notify me I’m flooding his yard (and have been for the final two  weeks). Now, the city tells me there’s a challenge in actual-time with a cell phone get in touch with and in an e mail.

David Burwell
Morgan Hill

Trump remains menace
to our democracy

What extra evidence does this place need to have to conclude that Donald Trump and his henchmen willfully schemed to overturn the 2020 election, foment a riot and deliver down our democracy?

Of course, even concrete evidence and credible testimony from a lot of of Trump’s former advisors, insiders and colluders are even now not adequate to influence a lot of Republicans (65%). Columnists like Victor David Hanson and Marc Thiessen together with Fox News proceed to get at straws and create question in peoples’ minds that this is all a “witch hunt” and that Trump is the “victim.” That is basic Trump.

He has been a loser at every little thing and understands just one point and 1 matter only – acquire at all fees, utilizing just about every angle and excuse, even if it signifies destroying persons and concepts along the way. Trump and his followers are a menace to everything that the United States really should stand for.

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Diego Certa

Ohio boosts university
safety with guns

I want to commend Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine for signing laws making it easier for college staff to have firearms on campuses in Ohio.

My daughter is a schoolteacher in the Bay Area and she agrees that the introduction of added weapons into her faculty would make her really feel significantly safer heading to perform. In fact, she anticipates a flood of teacher transfers from California and other states to Ohio to take gain of this excellent and progressive thought.

As the father or mother of an educator, 1 can scarcely imagine the prospects. Thank you, governor.

Craig Corsini
San Rafael

U.S. can not acquire religion
in Biden’s predictions

Does any person have any self confidence in President Biden’s plan prognostications anymore?

The interview report by Connected Press’ Josh Boak, “Biden suggests recession is not inevitable” (Web page A1, June 17) is an indicator of his incapacity to guide our democratic republic.

“Inflation is temporary” displays that he is far more concerned with voting in the 2022 and 2024 election cycle than with the domestic effectively-getting of the American general public.

“Putin have to go” is an illustration of preferred rhetoric and excessively inadequate overseas plan.

His quote in the job interview “People are truly, genuinely down” is not essentially his undertaking, but Biden is proving incapable of coping with much more than well-known proclamations.

An unlucky problem with our democratic voting process is that it is producing pretty inferior political management.

Fred Gutmann

Authorities shouldn’t
pay out off university student loans

Negotiate very low or no-desire financial loans with an extended timeframe to spend them off, but no university student financial loan payoffs by the federal government. It is unfair to taxpayers who paid off their scholar loans.

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I was 32 when I manufactured my final payment. We never want to pay for individuals who created inadequate educational conclusions. The government just cannot declare 18-calendar year-olds grown ups, with all the responsibilities of getting an adult, and then forgive the contracts they signed, as grownups, to obtain student financial loans.

Taxpayer money would be improved expended on a nationwide program to enhance occupation counseling by way of career education and learning, K-12, to guidebook pupils to residing wage, superior-demand from customers, robotic-proof occupations. A high-priced college isn’t for everyone. Post-secondary education and learning/training that sales opportunities to demanded occupations is for every person.

Enable our young ones make submit-secondary instruction/education conclusions, centered on their analyzed and guided pursuits and talents, and we will not stress about upcoming pupil credit card debt possibly.

Jim Stoch
Carnelian Bay

Trump’s criminality has
destroyed democracy

Donald Trump is a prison, basic and uncomplicated. He and his co-conspirators plotted to overthrow the federal government to maintain electrical power, and he and a lot of Republicans keep on to undermine the integrity of our system by means of inflammatory rhetoric and lies.

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