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Let us retain incentives
for photo voltaic electricity

The California General public Utilities Commission is when again proposing to tax photo voltaic people and slash the credit history that they get for sending solar energy back to the grid. This disastrous plan will make the switch to rooftop photo voltaic considerably much less economically possible and hurts our skill to drastically lower greenhouse fuel emissions in California.

California, doing work in conjunction with the federal federal government, should really be carrying out what we can to make the swap to renewable electricity sources a reality. Congress passed a historic invoice allocating billions of bucks for renewable energy. The CPUC’s proposed action would make it additional challenging for Californians who want to swap to photo voltaic.

Finally, rooftop photo voltaic can help construct resiliency into our electric grid. Fairly than relying intensely on important electric power plants to produce the energy we want, rooftop solar is a very good way for communities to deliver their have dispersed sources of electricity technology.

Vincent Casalaina

Point out seeking to scare
cities into compliance

Gov. Newsom’s inquiry into San Francisco housing insurance policies is not about pinpointing barriers to new residential development (“State to overview San Francisco housing policies,” Page A1, Aug. 10). Numerous reports have done this already, which includes my personal, “How to Restore the California Aspiration.”

Make no slip-up, Newsom’s housing section is making an attempt to obtain new, certain actions by San Francisco officers that violate state housing legal guidelines. If productive, that details will be turned over to Legal professional Basic Rob Bonta for feasible prosecution. It’s a criminal fishing expedition disguised as a analysis undertaking meant to scare local government officers throughout California into subsequent housing rules.

Lawrence McQuillan

We can deal with
our nuclear squander

In her Letter to the Editor, Shirley McGrath describes nuclear waste as being a “plague” (“Waste is nuclear power’s poison capsule,” Webpage A6, Aug. 16). I really don’t imagine that is accurate.

1) Plutonium 239 is not the most poisonous compound on earth. Common things like fentanyl, ricin, and botulinium (Botox) are far more harmful. We know how to take care of this sort of substances.

2) We are now planning reactors, termed “fast breeder reactors,” that can use the squander from reactors like Diablo Canyon as fuel. So, waste will develop into valuable, and we will use it up.

3) The casks the squander is saved in are incredibly risk-free. Verify out videos like YouTube’s “Nuclear Flask Stamina Tests in United states.”

The bottom line is that the climate adjust disaster now likely on is as well important to depart methods like nuclear energy off the table.

Cliff Gold

Human error would make
nuclear ability untenable

In today’s East Bay Moments Letters to the Editor, two folks wrote that the difficulty with nuclear ability is what to do with the waste (“Waste is nuclear power’s poison pill,” and “Risk too fantastic to retain Diablo Canyon open,” Website page A6, Aug. 16).

There is yet another dilemma — humans run nuclear crops. People make mistakes. A error in these a risky problem is unacceptable.

Carol Solomon

Prop. 1 could deliver
unintended final results

Re. “Vote indeed on Prop. 1, protect women’s reproductive rights,” Page A12, Aug. 14:

The East Bay Times’ editorial pontificates that the evaluate boldly worries the excesses of the Supreme Court docket, accused of eliminating the suitable to abortion. But the East Bay Situations is exhorting just what the Supreme Court mentioned should really be done: letting the individuals make a decision.

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