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S.J. ought to put in lights
at dangerous intersections

The death of the third-quality boy on Friday morning (“Third grader dies soon after driver hits him in crosswalk in close proximity to college,” Web site A1, Sept. 17) was extremely unhappy and most likely wouldn’t have occurred with unique signage.

I guess the only signage was yellow five-sided signals depicting two pedestrians. If that crosswalk as an alternative had press-button-activated flashing yellow lights on just about every side of the avenue, that young boy would in all probability be with us currently.

I fault the town for this boy’s loss of life and for not possessing such lights put in at this intersection, and at other intersections where by pedestrian fatalities have occurred this 12 months. The metropolis of San Jose requires to right away set up this sort of drive-button-lighted symptoms at this intersection, at other risky crosswalks in this community — as well as other this kind of perilous crosswalks in the metropolis. Be sure to simply call San Jose Traffic Engineering at (408) 535-3850 to desire this action.

Stephen Reynolds
Santa Cruz

Better strategies to shell out
$470 million advert budget

Re. “California voters turned off by Props. 26 and 27,” Page A7, Sept. 21:

Obscene is placing it mildly.

We have been observing advertisements about competing gambling Props. 26 and 27 since previous February. George Skelton reviews that $470 million has been put in so considerably by different interests, competing with just about every other about funds that they want, beneath the guise of encouraging the homeless.

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In my look at $470 million – all of it invested in some type of managed fund – could go a lot more to enable the homeless alternatively than preventing on Tv set more than who will get the lion’s share of the gambling proceeds, with valuable minimal to truly make a variance for homelessness.

Linda Harry
San Mateo

Tesla experimenting with
coastal residents’ overall health

Re. “Highway 1 reopened in Moss Landing next fireplace in Tesla Megapack battery storage facility,” Sept. 20:

On Sept. 20 enormous harmful clouds emanated from the nation’s premier battery plant. Highway 1 was closed for 12 several hours and significant locations were instructed to shelter in position and not use air flow to decrease publicity to carcinogenic air.

Inhabitants have been exposed to toxic emissions including cobalt, nickel, lithium and arsenic authorities mentioned this harmful air must persist for days. Not only is this plant a poisonous hazard, but the full energy storage would only energy California for two minutes, in its grid backup purpose. The plant is a Gov. Gavin Newsom advantage sign to deceptively guarantee us that we have energy backup for wind and solar.

The know-how might be handy decades from now but now it is neither protected or value-helpful. Elect Liz Lawler to the Assembly. She places security and economic feeling forward of experimenting with our health and fitness.

Dr. C. Michael Hogan

Assist Goldie’s Law
to preserve puppies risk-free

Goldie was a Golden Retriever that died of neglect and disease subsequent a USDA inspection of a dog mill in Seymour, Iowa, the place she experienced no name, only a quantity.

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