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Miss Manners: I feel creepy working with my sister’s married title

Pricey Skip MANNERS: My sister wants me to use her married name on all mail — and she does not even want me to use her to start with name. It has to be “Mrs. Husband’s-Previous-Title.”

I feel creepy about this, and have stopped sending her mail simply because of it. To me, the need feels like yet another example of my brother-in-law’s controlling habits — not just of my sister, but of me as well.

Light READER: Didn’t you just point out that this is how your sister needs you to address her? Who is it, then, who is ignoring her wishes with the unpleasant influence of cutting her off from relations?

Dear Pass up MANNERS: As mom and dad, it is difficult to see our children transfer absent to college or university, but I feel raising them to fly is just one of our most important jobs.

As university pupils kind bonds, I see several out-of-state learners get “adopted” by area students’ families. There is comfort observed in an occasional house-cooked meal, a much-needed mother hug or fatherly information, and possibly even a holiday getaway celebration when college students lack the time or usually means to go dwelling.

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