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Miss Manners: Is it tacky for an old woman to steal the bride’s highlight?

Dear Skip MANNERS: My mother’s 90th birthday is falling close to her granddaughter’s wedding. She insists that she does not want a celebration, but relatively would like “someone” to acknowledge her 90th birthday at the wedding day instead.

My siblings and I are baffled on how to take care of this ask for. Personally, I believe it is relatively tacky for her to consider just about anything absent from my niece’s wedding day day, but she is insisting.

The wedding day will be held at a nation club with about 125 folks. There will be a DJ, so would it be ideal to have him make the announcement and play a shorter “Happy Birthday” track?

Light READER: How particularly does this get just about anything absent from your niece? Is it that for 3 minutes she will not be the centre of notice?

Skip Manners does not usually condone generating solutions of how many others can honor oneself. But in this scenario, the woman appears to be to be inquiring to forgo a milestone celebration in favor of a brief recognition when the spouse and children is gathered in any case.

If the bride cannot tolerate yielding the spotlight, even for a number of minutes, to her possess 90-calendar year-previous grandmother, perhaps somebody must warn the bridegroom.

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