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Miss out on Manners: For yrs, I have puzzled about this discussion I overheard about myself

Expensive Overlook MANNERS: I am married with a fantastic family, but in the back of my mind, I marvel if my mother is keeping a thing from me.

Decades ago, I came residence late following working errands for my mother, and I overheard her and my sibling talking. Thoughts you, I was not hoping to eavesdrop, but they have been loud, and I heard the conclusion of the dialogue. The phrases I read from my sibling have been, “If my sister at any time finds out, say this.”

I marvel to this day what they are hiding from me. Perhaps I was adopted, or probably it’s something else they like not to examine. Every time I test to confront them, they appear at me like they really don’t know what I am speaking about.

What need to I do?

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