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Miss out on Manners: I find these duties for my boss inappropriate. Am I overreacting?

Expensive Overlook MANNERS: I get the job done for a general public university, and my manager is the head of the division. When I was employed, my duties included supervising his govt assistant, but she was laid off in 2020. My title is not administration-linked.

My trouble stems from getting assigned duties that I recognize were frequently questioned of administrative assistants in yrs earlier, but which should really no extended be demanded of the job in fashionable occasions (in my belief). Even so, maybe I am mistaken on exactly where the line is at this time drawn concerning small business and individual responsibilities.

These are issues like buying flowers for a colleague of my manager who has suffered a reduction sending a card or food on his behalf to the family members buying and choosing up foodstuff as his contribution to an business potluck sending a fruit basket to a colleague of his who was ill, etc. I never generally know the individual he is asking me to acquire these products for, and do not know their nutritional needs or preferences. And creating a card of sympathy for another person I do not know feels icky.

Even just before his executive assistant was laid off, I was usually questioned to do these issues. I think about the requests to be inappropriate and individual in mother nature, not enterprise-similar. They are items he could inquire his partner for support with, if he seriously couldn’t do it himself (which he could, he just doesn’t want to). He is having to pay for these products with his possess funds and they are from him instantly, not the university or the division.

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These obligations were not talked about in the position description for which I was employed and, frankly, experience sexist in nature: He is not asking any of his male personnel for assist in these parts.

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