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Pass up Manners: What’s a well mannered way to tell them about my bathroom?

Expensive Miss MANNERS: I regularly host guests right away, and I have seen that the bathroom in the guest toilet is often only partially flushed. I know the induce of this is my eco-friendly toilet, which demands a very long flush on occasion.

How can I notify attendees of how to function my toilet with no uncomfortable them?

Light READER: You know what would actually embarrass visitors?

Getting not able to flush the rest room efficiently.

Miss out on Manners considers it to be a basic responsibility of a host to alert friends of any these types of traps. If you are unable to say the word “toilet” with no blushing, go away a small signal in the rest room.

Dear Skip MANNERS: Following the tragedy in Uvalde, the main of police began his assertion with the greeting, “Good afternoon.”

The future day, immediately after an understandably sleepless night, I arrived at my occupation — at a school — stuffed with grief, only to be advised “Good early morning!” by five different colleagues.

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