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Pricey Abby: Her annoying behavior is driving me toward divorce

Pricey ABBY: I have been married to my wife for 32 years. I like her dearly. A short while ago, though, her cigarette smoking has been genuinely bothering me.

Her father handed away from COPD 5 a long time back for the reason that he was a life span smoker. I assumed that would influence her to cease. She has attempted, but she often goes back again.

She attempts to include it up by creating repeated outings to the retailer and other spots to get out of sight to smoke. It infuriates me that she would lie, but she doesn’t seem to have a dilemma with it at all. It helps make me wonder what else she’s been lying about.

My largest worry, certainly, is that her wellbeing issues are increasing — repeated colds (she blames “allergies”), coughing although she sleeps, loud night breathing terribly. We now sleep in separate beds at periods just so I can get some rest.

When I provide up the issue of quitting, she receives defensive. Her mother will no for a longer period communicate to her about it, and she wants her to quit even more than I do.

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