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Pricey Abby: My spouse insists I’m lying about what gals want in bed

Dear ABBY: My partner was forced into intercourse at the age of 12 by an more mature female. He has expressed how humiliated he felt and that he created it his mission to hardly ever come to feel inadequate once more.

He receives his “knowledge” of fulfilling a female by means of porn.

I have tried using to reveal to him that what he’s observing is only a functionality set on for the male viewer. I have tried using much more than at the time to exhibit him what genuinely would make a woman “tick,” but he insists I really don’t know what I’m speaking about and that I’m lying to him!

I have tried every single gentle solution to stay away from hurting his feelings.

I know from family members’ opinions about his bedroom acquiring been a “revolving door” for gals that he almost certainly did not use a lot discernment in his past.

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