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Pricey Abby: What can we do about a person who thinks tipping is a racket?

Dear ABBY: I a short while ago returned from an annual ladies trip with my retired instructors group. We all get alongside well and enjoy each and every other’s firm other than for just one “fly in the ointment” who refuses to depart good recommendations for good restaurant assistance.

I’m talking about $2 on a $20 tab. We all pay our very own charges and the relaxation of us idea 25% or extra every time.

We have described the issue of tipping to her in advance of. She says she thinks it is a “racket.” Is there anything at all we can do?

CHEAPSKATE’S Close friend

Dear Buddy: The annual ladies vacation may be this woman’s only splurge for the calendar year, which may be why she’s conservative when it comes to tipping.

I will assume that you and the other folks have spoken to her about the wage scale for cafe servers, and the reality that several of them have to share their suggestions with other staff.

Mainly because there’s almost nothing you can do to adjust the behavior of a different grownup, both contemplate your individual generous guidelines as balancing out her stingy ones or stop like her for the reason that she’s an humiliation.

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