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Request Amy: I’m his wife. Why am I not very first on his emergency listing?

Dear Amy: I just acquired upset at my partner simply because I uncovered out that he place my mom-in-legislation (his mother) as his first call on his driver’s license. He stated me as his 2nd speak to.

Am I overreacting or staying selfish? I feel hurt mainly because I’m his wife!


Expensive Harm: Some states inquire holders of driver’s licenses to designate unexpected emergency contacts that are put in a database. This way, these contacts are immediately available to law enforcement and also effortlessly up-to-date.

Listing his mom as his emergency get in touch with might have been your husband’s very first instinct, but I’d say it could be a inadequate selection.

Of the two of you — his mother or you — which man or woman is extra most likely to be able to react swiftly if your husband is in an accident? Most probable you, assuming that you are balanced and equipped, and always have your mobile phone nearby and billed.

All the exact same, I feel you may well be overreacting.

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