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San Jose kitten carrying out unspeakable things in his owner’s bed

Expensive JOAN: We just lately obtained a new kitten. Thoughts you, this is our third cat in 30 a long time. Our very first a single lived with us for virtually 16 yrs prior to passing away. The second a single lived with us for around 13 several years and just lately handed away. Equally our cats were being females, but this new kitten is a male.

He is about 9 months previous and has been with us for the previous two and a half months. Whilst he has been utilizing his litter box often from working day one, for the last two times, he has begun peeing in our bed.

For the initial week and a 50 percent, he could not climb onto our mattress. He figured out how to do it, and now climbs and performs on the bed. He will rest on the bed in the course of the day, but at night time, he sleeps underneath the mattress, though he has a bed of his personal.

How do we discourage him from peeing in our mattress? I washed the bedding, and still no luck. He pees someday in the early early morning, or at least that’s my guess.

Kalpana Thatte, San Jose

Dear KALPANA: The initial issue to do is to just take the kitten to the vet. Which is usually a superior concept every time a pet commences undertaking a thing out of the norm. The vet will check for a bladder or urinary tract infection, which is a typical lead to for cats peeing exterior the litter box.

If the kitten gets a clear monthly bill of overall health, it will be time to glimpse at the other good reasons that could be triggering litter box avoidance, although it may possibly tumble into the realm of “cats currently being cats.”

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Stress is a frequent lead to, but locating out what has pressured your cat is not uncomplicated. Simple issues, these types of as a alter in the home can result in strain to a cat. He could possibly be possessing difficulty changing to his new home.

Has your kitten been neutered? Cats, primarily male cats — and much more primarily unneutered male cats — use urine to mark their territory. Your kitten, getting conquered the climb up Mattress Mountain, may possibly be planting his flag there, so to communicate. Neutering generally eliminates that dilemma.

Cats can be obsessive about their litter containers — obsessions that can improve with the shifting sand. One day the litter is just great the subsequent, the cat hates it with a passion.

Trying to determine out what is acquired your kitten’s nose out of joint concerning the litter box may not be really worth the battle, except for earning certain he is healthy. In its place, here are some approaches to discourage the activity.

Washing the bedding is good, but you most likely want to also clean up the mattress with a solution made to clear away the odor of pet urine. Verify at your favourite pet source store.

Commence enjoying with the cat on the mattress and feeding him treats there. He will get started to affiliate the bed with foodstuff, making it much less probably he’ll pee there.

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