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Settle for the studying curve that comes with studying new security gizmos: Roadshow

Q: I’m 72 years previous and like new technology, however really do not realize most of it. Pals my age don’t even want to consider. You have to want to find out it, and accept the learning curve that goes with it.

Rob Robie

A: I admire your spirit and studying perseverance.

Q: I Like the Intelligent Cruise Handle that was involved in the suite of security attributes in my 2020 Kia Optima. I use it every time I can, about 80 per cent of the time. I use it on all roadways, from freeways to household streets.

I established it for 72 mph on the freeway. If everybody ahead of me is heading 72 or far more, I continue to be at 72. If targeted visitors forward slows, my vehicle slows and matches their velocity. The auto will come to a total quit if the car in front of me stops, which transpires far more with non-freeway driving.

There are restrictions, and it involves a finding out curve to sense snug with it.

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