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Skip Manners: I do not like the way these youngsters say ‘you’re welcome’

Dear Miss MANNERS: In response to “thank you,” I have been listening to a lot of “of course” or “certainly,” particularly from the more youthful technology.

Due to the fact when has that been acceptable? I find it arrogant and impolite. Do you concur?

I do not locate “any time” rude, specially following thanking someone who did you a big favor. “Of course” just seriously will get below my skin.

Light READER: Would you be significantly less offended by “Of class you are most welcome — I am so really joyful to be able to do this for you”?

Maybe. But Miss Manners does not see a substantive difference in between it and a shortened type. She would never say that the words and phrases preferred when conveying conventional politeness do not matter — but she does not share your imputation of sick intent to these particular illustrations.

Mild Audience: There is a disturbing pattern in Skip Manners’ correspondence that she wishes to deal with, lest Light Viewers give up hope of a much more polite future. It problems letters that commence:

  • “When did it grow to be Ok to …?”
  • “Am I just being hopelessly old-fashioned or …?”
  • “Am I currently being also sensitive when …?”

What follows is an illustration of some thing that was never Alright. Miss out on Manners’ industry is external habits, not inside squirming, but her issue is the implication that the sufferer has, or should really have, presented up hope of strengthening modern society.

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