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Skip Manners: I just can’t believe that his callous reaction to my loss

Pricey Miss MANNERS: I’ve been close buddies with a person for around 18 years. He and his wife even experienced their kids refer to me as “uncle.”

Quite a few many years in the past, they moved to a massive town much absent. We stayed in touch as finest we could. They would halt by when traveling to his mother and father, who still lived in our town.

I retired three yrs back and moved back to the city I grew up in. I tried using to continue to be in touch with my friend, but he’s developed progressively distant.

I just lately texted him and told him that my very last brother had handed, and it was a sad time for me. His reaction was, “That’s really difficult, bro.” He showed just about no empathy.

I have not listened to from him or his wife due to the fact that day, which was several months back.

Would it be rude to request if I have accomplished or said some thing that deeply offended them to the level that they determined to end our friendship?

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