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Talk to Amy’s rare guidance: Leave this relationship now

Dear Amy: My husband of just below two many years does matters behind my back again that he is aware would harm me.

While we ended up courting we promised exclusivity to just about every other. I was accurate to him, and he continued to day about 30 women of all ages for a yr and a fifty percent. I stumbled on his “rating” spreadsheet soon after we were dwelling alongside one another.

He lately manufactured preparations to meet up with his former spouse whilst I was safely and securely absent at do the job.

I feed birds, squirrels and chipmunks in our backyard and love looking at them. Though I was not household, he took an air rifle and more than the class of a few months’ time, killed just about every chipmunk.

One working day last 7 days I was returning household from perform and noticed him running in the entrance garden with the air rifle, firing at a compact rabbit. I admonished him for the reason that he could strike a youngster using by on his bike, or a mother strolling with her infant.

We have completed counseling ahead of. He participates only right until he is bored.

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