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TasteFood: The how-tos for Hasselback sweet potatoes

Hasselback potatoes in no way fall short to get a “wow” at the supper desk. These accordion-formed potatoes are pretty to glance at, and a basting process while roasting ensures that taste permeates the potato and crisps all the fine edges. Any potato can be prepared this way, together with sweet potatoes, which may perhaps be the most striking presentation, due to the fact they enthusiast out to reveal their orange jeweled flesh whilst roasting.

To make Hasselback sweet potatoes, pick extensive, fairly steady and straight potatoes. The essential is to lower as lots of slim slices as attainable, crosswise, together the duration of the potato. To do this — with no a wayward potato rolling across your slicing board — slice a sliver of each and every potato lengthwise together its base to stabilize it on a operate surface and in the baking dish to avoid any wobbling or tilting. Then, area the potato on a do the job surface with a slender cutting board snugged up on possibly side of it. With a sharp knife, make slim incisions crosswise in the potato, around 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch thick. The slicing boards will prevent the knife from slicing by means of the foundation of the potato. If a few bits split off, no problems just carry on to slice them if you can.

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