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Ticked off! @Tampa Bay Rays

I am so disappointed by the Sentinel publishing all people fantastic puzzles and then having them away.  Bait and Change!  Even the Sunday puzzles have been reduce back again.

I’m ticked off at the Tampa Bay Rays! Just stupid offering up Brett Phillips for practically very little! What is heading on?

I am also ticked off about dental coverage under my Medicare Gain approach. I identified as and acquired a checklist of 28 dentists that supposedly took Medicare In addition. Of the 28, I identified the list to be 80% out of day. Of individuals properly on the listing, most experienced moved, or had been minimal rated. I ultimately observed a dentist that approved Medicare and experienced a first rate score. But he turned out to be fewer than satisfactory!

I was also ticked off at the Metropolis of Winter Park seeking to clear away a prolonged time resident from his house and ‘raze’ his home. Let us assistance this male who justifies it. I’ve acquired a hammer and nail pouch and a lawnmower together with a $100 invoice, Let’s go! Who’s in?

I’m ticked off that narcissistic hypocrites can get away with obtaining distinctive “handicap” privileges nevertheless I see them working all around the garden, ready to push close to their large bikes, and so on. I would adore to online video them parking in a handicap location that a legit handicap person deserves!

I just paid $7.39 for a box of Cheerios at Publix! Speak about freeway theft. Their charges for foodstuff are prison. I’m ticked off!

The flip side

My most heartfelt thanks to Asterid, as associate at the Rooms To Go Outlet at Colonial, who not only built the exertion to look for the floor for a desk I was trying to get, (it was), but named me back again within just a half hour to tell me a person had just purchased it, and there have been no a lot more!  All of this 1st factor on a wet Sunday morning, and saving me the vacation!  Asterid, you are just a truly pleasant particular person, and I do hope your companies figure out it as well!

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