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Time to get a lot more resourceful to support ‘educate clueless drivers’: Roadshow

Q: Much more cops will assistance capture the 10% who blatantly violate the legislation, this sort of as mobile phones, dashing, and carpool cheats, but there really should also be a campaign to educate clueless drivers. They are the genuine hazards, this kind of as road boulders, drivers who make unsafe lane changes, and men and women who lack defensive driving competencies.

Tv set or world-wide-web adverts could be designed that are related to types we used to see, “Only you can stop forest fires,” “Say no to prescription drugs,” and “This is your mind …  this is your brain on medication.”

Let’s make “Help avert street rage” commercials. Clearly show two autos, one heading 65 mph and a further 80 mph, then exhibit the math that a 10-mile trip will only conserve 1½ minutes! Display the cost of a rushing ticket.

Harold Kim, Fresno

A: Some of this is going on by California’s Business of Visitors Security. It would also assist if OTC reviews had bigger visibility, displaying the impact of bad driving behavior and selections.

Using the services of 1,000 new CHP officers over the following number of yrs will also aid.

Q: I never have a FasTrak account, but have utilized the Uproad app for the number of times I cross bridges or get into the expanding number of toll lanes (with all the taxes I shell out, this seriously ticks me off). Fees are mechanically paid by way of the app. Is this not heading to function any more? I genuinely do not want to get FasTrak.

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Invoice Taylor, Mountain View

A: You will still be able to use this app, but it can come at a increased price. You threat getting a wonderful for not having a FasTrak account or using a transponder in express lanes.

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