AMD could be performing on individual Navi 3X GPU with 16,384 stream processors

Rumor mill: We’re nevertheless months absent from the predicted launch of AMD’s initial RDNA 3 playing cards, and the rumors all over them are intensifying. Leakers are now expressing the Navi 31 GPU will have less stream processors than beforehand expected, suggesting there will be a diverse whole-fats Navi 3X GPU that will land in 2023 that could not necessarily be a gaming product or service.

AMD is anticipated to launch the first Radeon RX 7000 series graphics card sometime in October or November, but there have been conflicting rumors about the correct specs of the new card.

Official details about the RDNA 3 architecture is also limited. AMD claims its approaching GPUs will have a 50 % performance for every watt uplift when as opposed to the present-day era, mainly afforded by a changeover to a 5nm method know-how from TSMC.

The organization also verified rumors that RDNA 3 components will aspect superior chiplet packaging, Infinity Cache, and a redesigned compute device. The flagship RX 7000 collection GPU (Navi 31) was beforehand rumored to have 16,384 stream processors spread throughout two Graphic Elaborate Dies (GCDs). Lately, leakers have been putting up a various story — only 12,288 cores contained in a one GCD.

This could be a very last-moment design adjust or a sign that leakers have been fed previous or incorrect details. That reported, Greymon55 says there might nonetheless be a individual GPU with 16,384 stream processors in the will work, although it’s not yet clear regardless of whether it will be a shopper merchandise or a workstation graphics answer (like a Radeon Professional card).

Possibly way, this is anticipated to carry a Navi 3X moniker and will most likely arrive someday in 2023. If it can be not a gaming card, AMD could have made a decision to test the twin-GCD configuration in workstation components just before finally applying it in customer Radeon products, possibly as shortly as RDNA 4 (Navi 4X).

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