NZXT launches higher-general performance, non-conductive thermal paste

In a nutshell: Personal computer accessory maker NZXT is obtaining into the thermal paste recreation. The company’s significant-overall performance thermal paste is designed from a personalized-engineered formulation comprised of zinc oxide, aluminum and a liquid polymer, and is both of those non-electrically conductive and non-curing to protect against limited circuiting. It’s ideal for use on CPU and GPU cores, has a three-calendar year shelf everyday living, and is claimed to be uncomplicated to utilize and clean up up.

The paste carries a thermal conductivity ranking of 6.3 W/mk (watts per square meter of the surface location), a viscosity score of 35~220*10³ mPa.s and a specific gravity score of 3.5 g/cc. A standard rule of thumb is that the better the thermal conductivity rating, the improved the product will be at conducting heat.

Common, non-conductive pastes like NZXT’s will not complete as well as more unique TIMs like liquid steel but they are a lot much easier to use and will never get rid of components if it unintentionally comes in get in touch with with it.

NZXT was established in 2004 by Johnny Hou. The company’s very first product, the Guardian chassis, featured a plastic entrance bezel that appeared straight out of the Transformers franchise. NZXT served pioneer the crafted situation motion and has considering the fact that expanded into quite a few other solution groups and even delivers custom and pre-developed PCs.

NZXT’s high-functionality thermal paste is priced at $9.99 for a 3g tube and $19.99 for a 15g tube. Both are available to order from today from NZXT’s webstore.

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