A1 has established up a bee resort in the Botanical Garden, which is also clever

As section of the GigaBEEtno task, which combines know-how with the defense of bees and the atmosphere, A1 Hrvatska established up a hotel for bees in the Zagreb Botanical Yard on Wednesday, with a ‘smart’ technological alternative for checking air excellent and other parameters for balanced environment.

The aim of this challenge is to protect the top quality of everyday living of bees in city spots, teach and elevate awareness of their great importance for the ecosystem, and A1 is applying it in collaboration with Go2Electronic.

The lodge for bees in the Botanical Garden is also the 3rd of its kind in Zagreb, and the other two are located on the A1 Croatia campus in Žitnjak and around the Corridor creating.

It is a wood vertical constructing in which bees can just take shelter, and in addition there are IoT (World wide web of Points) stations for measuring air high-quality, exactly where all people intrigued can see the purity of the air they breathe.

“GigaBEEtno is a challenge that we want to show commitment to environmental troubles, and in that IoT technology and alternatives measure air high-quality in serious time, which is part of the option for clever metropolitan areas and increasing the top quality of life,” explained ICT Director at the Botanical Back garden. sales and options in A1 Croatia Siniša Staničić.

It is also portion of the “Do the Appropriate Thing” responsible business program, which encourages A1’s ecological, additional efficient and sustainable ways of operating and living, and as bees progressively reduce their normal habitats in metropolitan areas due to human actions. pollination is very vital.

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Professor Nikola Kezić, just one of the top professionals on bees in Croatia, explained that the survival of the so-named solitary bees and very important for the maintenance of vegetation methods in cities and that it is now needed to create dwellings exactly where bees can cover all through adverse situations and overwinter.

In the Botanical Backyard garden in the heart of Zagreb, bees are waiting around for a tranquil and protected setting with a lot more than 7,000 different plant species and, as the head of the Botanical Backyard garden Vanja Stamenković said, they are happy to be part of the GigaBEEtno (Bee) challenge.

The task was also supported by actress Zrinka Cvitešić, as effectively as the Environment Extensive Fund for Nature (WWF), in accordance to which out of about 20,000 species of bees buzzing all over the planet, about 1,600 are in Croatia and the location. They are particularly important for the preservation of biological diversity, and with no bees, for illustration, they would be still left with out strawberries, cherries, pears and a lot of other food items and plants.

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