View: Jennifer Lopez introduces teenage daughter’s pronouns at LA charity party

Jennifer Lopez introduced her kid’s pronouns in front of thousands. AP

Look at: Jennifer Lopez introduces teenage daughter’s pronouns at LA charity event

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June 21, 12:16 PM June 21, 12:16 PM

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Iconic performing, singing, and dancing triple danger Jennifer Lopez amazed fans last week at Dodger Stadium when she introduced her organic daughter with gender-neutral pronouns at a charity function.

The 52-year-outdated released Emme Muniz, 14, making use of the pronouns “they” and “them” prior to their duet at the LA Dodgers’ Blue Diamond Gala.

“The very last time we executed collectively was in a big stadium like this,” Lopez stated prior to the duet, according to a viral online video posted to TikTok. “And I request them to sing with me all the time, but they is not going to.”


“So, this is a extremely special occasion. They are pretty, pretty active. Booked. And dear,” Lopez mentioned. “They cost me when they appear out. But they are truly worth just about every single penny for the reason that they’re my favourite duet lover of all time.”

Muniz joined Lopez onstage and applied a rainbow microphone to sing “A Thousand A long time” by Christina Perri, according to a report.

Muniz wore a pink button-down shirt, shorts, and a black baseball cap.

The pair carried out at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi halftime demonstrate in 2020, the report pointed out.

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