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Overlook Manners: How to motivate eyes on the highway devoid of becoming overdramatic

Expensive Miss MANNERS: I have a good friend I get pleasure from touring with on highway visits. But when she drives, she has a inclination to glimpse around at me while we are talking. It will make me nervous due to the fact she is using her eyes off the street.

Is there any polite way to talk to her to retain her eyes on the road devoid of insulting her? I know that a whole lot of folks do this when they generate.

Mild READER: Maintain your personal eyes glued to the highway. This will make your position, as not wanting your pal in the eye when she is speaking to you would ordinarily be viewed as impolite. But Skip Manners feels that a person demands to be looking at out for opportunity problems.

She counsels against dramatizing the point even more by pretending to see dangers that do not exist.

Dear Miss MANNERS: I joined a golfing club to satisfy new people today to engage in with and, I hope, make new close friends. Normally I will be chatting on the driving selection or in the clubhouse with anyone I know, when somebody I really do not know stops to talk with the man or woman I am talking to. Neither one particular will make any introductions.

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