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Overlook Manners: My spouse thinks my new regulations about houseguests are much too demanding

Dear Miss MANNERS: My wife and I moved to a modest city together the coastline. Our a few-bedroom, two-tub house can easily accommodate a whole of about 8 men and women, which includes us.

Here is the rub: We have some close buddies who occasionally arrive to pay a visit to with their a few preteen little ones. On just one prior pay a visit to, they declared at supper that a close friend of theirs would be “dropping by” the next working day.

Considering the fact that their pal would have to travel many hrs to get listed here, and there are no resorts inside a few miles of our property, I was skeptical about her “dropping by.” But I did not make an situation of it, considering that our friends’ visits make my wife joyful.

The next morning, their friend showed up —  with her two children, her sister and her canine. It was noticeable they supposed to keep with us, because they dragged in right away baggage and pillows from their car or truck.

This brought the variety of people from 7 to 11, as well as an further dog.

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