Patrick Radden Keefe on exposing the Sackler family’s backlinks to the opioid disaster

The journalist tracked the billionaire arts philanthropists’ job in the OxyContin scandal in his gripping bestseller, Empire of Agony. He talks about status laundering – and why the poor guys are even now obtaining away with it

In December 2021, Patrick Radden Keefe travelled to London from New York to attend the Business enterprise E-book of the Year award ceremony at the National Gallery. He had been shortlisted for Empire of Discomfort, his exhaustive portrait of a few generations of the Sackler loved ones, just one of the world’s wealthiest and most secretive corporate dynasties.

For many years the Sackler name was synonymous with typically extravagant art entire world philanthropy – due to the fact 2009, the Sackler Trust experienced supplied all over £170m to art establishments in Britain alone. Of late, however, it has been tarnished by its affiliation with OxyContin, the addictive painkiller at the heart of the ongoing opioid epidemic in The united states that has claimed all over 500,000 lives there. Keefe’s e-book, which is about to be revealed in paperback, reveals in forensic detail how the Sacklers’ broad fortune was developed in section on the gains designed by their organization, Purdue Pharma, which created and aggressively promoted OxyContin to doctors who prescribed it in normally dangerously large doses. It is an epic, intricately structured tale of obsession, greed and dizzying company irresponsibility, which has been lauded by the critics, awarded the 2021 Baillie Gifford prize for nonfiction and develop into a worldwide bestseller.

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