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President Biden calls Brandon Tsay, ‘hero’ who disarmed Monterey Park gunman

President Joe Biden on Thursday, Jan. 26, called and spoke to Brandon Tsay, the 26-year-old San Marino man declared a hero for disarming the Monterey Park dance hall gunman after he entered Tsay’s family business in Alhambra, preventing further harm.

Excerpts of the call include:

Biden: “I wanted to call and thank you and to see how you’re doing, and thank you for taking such incredible action in the face of danger.”

Tsay: “I’m still processing, you know, what I did and what I experienced. And for you to call, that’s just so comforting for me.”

Biden: “You are America, pal. You are who we are.”

Tsay: “Thank you.”

Biden: “No, no. You are who we are. America has never backed down. We’ve always stepped up because of people like you.”

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