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Pricey Abby: I acquired sober, and I realized who this girl is

Expensive ABBY: I’m conflicted about a romantic relationship I have developed with a 77-calendar year-outdated lady I’ll contact “Martha.” I have been acting as her caregiver.

For the 1st a few yrs, I was addicted to agony tablets, which Martha and I both equally get. I was so strung out I did not realize what sort of person she was.

She expects me to be there each individual cost-free minute, which, beneath diverse situation, would be great. But I have a spouse and a dog.

I have due to the fact gotten sober, even though Martha is nevertheless strung out.

She threatens to wipe out my lifetime if I won’t do what she would like, and I’m afraid to give up due to the fact we have loans collectively.

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