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Question Amy: I observed a image of myself that stunned me

Expensive Amy: I’ve been undeniably balding given that university. I really feel that I have usually experienced a nutritious attitude about accepting this inevitability.

Amy Dickinson 

Now, at 33, if you talk to me, I totally comprehend and accept that I’m a cue-ball surrounded by a horseshoe of high-class brief-cropped brunette hair (image Prince William).

My trouble is that my spouse confirmed me a photograph the other day (fully unrelated to my hair), and I was dumbfounded by how bald I was!

How can I assist myself to absolutely grasp my baldness?

It is virtually like I’m an amputee, sensing a ghost appendage.

Bald in Oregon

Pricey Bald: I imagine most of us have experienced an expertise of catching a reflection and wondering who that man or woman is peeking back again.

I am intrigued by your dilemma, and I appreciate your desire to take your wonderful self, just as you are.

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