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Question Amy: She uses social media to monitor when my kids are with the other grandma

Dear Amy: My husband and I have two boys under the age of 2. We operate a effective business enterprise from household, so we only will need childcare for an occasional crack or date evening.

Amy Dickinson 

We occasionally use a sitter, but our choice is to talk to one of the grandparents to enjoy the youngsters.

My (performing) mom is always eager to watch the children.

My (retired) MIL not often asks to consider them and when she does, generally cancels at the last minute.

Because of this, we are inclined to request my mom to look at the children additional typically.

My MIL has enable us know how much this upsets her. She’s now using social media to “track” when the boys are with my mother.

She will clearly show up at our house enraged that we did not ask her to be with the youngsters.

She identified out we used our sitter to go to dinner this earlier weekend and instructed us how dreadful we are for not asking her. Amy, she had damaged her hand and foot in a tumble the week before we believed we were being carrying out her a favor by allowing her mend and relaxation!

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