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Skip Manners: I dislike to be a Karen but my neighbor is breaking the procedures

Dear Miss out on MANNERS: I dwell in a non-smoking cigarettes apartment setting up. The coverage states that people in violation are liable for a $250 rate for every occurrence. Component of why I moved here is due to the fact I’m a non-smoker.

The trouble is the particular person in the condominium beneath me, who smokes marijuana. Typically I’m a reside-and-let-are living particular person, but their smoke wafts into my position by means of the vents.

I knocked on their door, defined the scenario and requested that they consider it outdoors. They mentioned they would. They haven’t.

I detest to act like a “Karen” by reporting them to management and resulting in them to perhaps pay back $250, but I also don’t want to are living with this smoke. What is the most first rate and realistic way to tackle this?

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