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Skip Manners: I’m exhausted of remaining dealt with as my friend’s concierge

Pricey Miss MANNERS: A specific friend of mine, as a substitute of just greeting me with “Hello, how are you?”, demands to know what local functions are likely on.

I have tried to clarify to him that this is rude, and that he is dealing with me as an worker — potentially a concierge at a resort.

Aside from being rude, I just never get it. If he just wants to crash all occasions that have an open bar, that isn’t some thing I continue to keep observe of. If I am volunteering as an usher at a theater, that would not aid him. If I am likely to a e-book speak, that may possibly not be of desire, otherwise he would have registered for it now.

Is this a prevalent dilemma? What is a tactful way of indicating that you aren’t the info bureau?

Gentle READER: How about “Oh, dear, I never know. If you hear of just about anything exciting, be sure to inform me.”

Pass up Manners realizes that this would convert you into the subject of your grievance, but assures you that you won’t have to do it for very long.

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