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Talk to Amy: She did not convey to me our mobile phone call was not personal until I mentioned a thing regrettable

Dear Amy: My sister, brother and I are all in our early 60s. My problem is about cellphone etiquette.

Amy Dickinson 

Now my sister named me from her auto (which is the topic of a complete other issue — that is, individuals who can’t be bothered to converse to you from dwelling, but only from their motor vehicle).

For the duration of our mobile phone dialogue, I pointed out a thing extremely personalized about myself — and was horrified when my sister declared that somebody else was in the vehicle with her. She then apologized to that particular person (not me) for owning to hear this!

I had a very similar working experience when my brother called me, and after a couple of minutes his wife chimed in on a thing we were talking about, which produced me recognize that we ended up on speakerphone and our connect with was not private.

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