Team Trump unleashes Twitter tirade against DeSantis accusing him of ripping off Trump

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Team Trump unleashes Twitter tirade against DeSantis accusing him of ripping off Trump

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Former President Donald Trump’s campaign staff released a lengthy tirade against GOP challenger Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on Twitter on Friday, highlighting similarities in campaigns between the governor and former president and painting DeSantis as having stolen Trump’s main campaign points.

The account posted tweets that compared the two Republican contenders, with Trump’s team saying DeSantis “plagiarized” and stole ideas from the former president, claiming it was the “greatest political plagiarism scandal in American history.”


“For 50 years, no one in Washington had a strategy for how to [rein] in the Deep State before President Trump and his team came up with Schedule F. Now DeSanctis is trying to act like it was him pushing it?” the account tweeted.

“What would Ron do without Pres. Trump to come up with all his ideas for him? Americans need an authentic America First warrior in the White House — not a sanctimonious copycat candidate. A leader — not an imposter. President Trump is the only one who’s ready to lead on Day One.”

The account accused the governor of stealing policy ideas on topics from immigration to firing “woke accreditors” in order to end diversity, equity, and inclusion policies in higher education. It also accused the governor of banning critical race theory in Florida’s public schools because Trump signed a ban on critical race theory training in federal programs.

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“Ron likes to brag about banning CRT — but had he ever even HEARD of CRT before Pres. Trump signed the WORLD’S FIRST ban on it when he was in the White House?” the campaign proposed.

The thread also included a video that compared DeSantis’s mannerisms to Trump, portraying a side-by-side comparison of the duo making the same hand gestures.

“Ron says he’s ‘studied the Constitution.’ But that’s clearly not the only thing he’s studied,” the account tweeted.

DeSantis announced his bid for the White House on Wednesday during a Twitter Spaces event with Elon Musk. However, the launch struggled with technical problems, signaling a rocky start to the governor’s campaign.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) also entered the race this week, launching his campaign in South Carolina on Monday.

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