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Two lucky drivers get a free tank of gas from our contest: Roadshow

Q: Thank you for having this contest. The gas tank in my car is rather small, but it surely adds up, making this contest fun to think about winning.

In the meantime, due to high gas prices, I have been walking more and noticed there are “road hogs” even on sidewalks! Bicyclists ride up behind pedestrians walking in the same direction on sidewalks, even brushing us with their bikes. I know a man who had to wash tire marks from his slacks. What’s up with that?

Ronna Devincenzi, Palo Alto

A: I’m glad the contest was fun. Thanks for sharing your story about how you have adapted to higher gas prices, and what you’ve observed as you walk more.

The two winners of the contest, Choon Lee and Dee Gustavson, each correctly guessed the Nov. 15 price of $5.42 per gallon.

Q: I have read your column for years but this is my first query to you. Why is BART canceling so many trains? We go to the stations only to find our scheduled train has been canceled and the next one won’t arrive for another 25 minutes. Is this due to low ridership, too few train drivers, or what?

Barbara Scheifler, Berkeley, CA

A: The simple answer is staffing shortages of train operators and rail car mechanics. BART is attempting to hire more staff and also phasing in new trains.

Q: I drive north on Interstate 280 in the mornings, getting off at Stevens Creek. So often, I see people in the right lane at the Highway 17 interchange quickly veering to the left to stay on 280. It’s a very confusing area. A couple of weeks ago, there was an accident there. I’m sure it was not the first.

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It would be a great place for Caltrans to put freeway markers on the road, as they do in other places, identifying which lanes go to Highway 17 vs 280. Just a thought!

Sue Salvesen

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